dirty saw blade

How to Clean a Saw Blade?

If you’ve noticed your saw blade is dirty and not cutting as smoothly as it used to be, then it’s a good idea to give it a good cleaning. More often than not, a poorly performing blade is simply gunked up with pitch – which can be solved by giving it a thorough cleaning.

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changing a circular saw blade

How to Change a Circular Saw Blade?

If you notice your circular saw isn’t performing as smoothly as it used to, then it may be time to change the blade. Dull and damaged blades will create burn marks, increased kickback frequency, plus you’ll have a hard time using them to make smooth and accurate cuts.

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how to use a reciprocating saw

How to Use a Reciprocating Saw: A Step-By-Step Guide

Reciprocating saws are incredibly useful tools for anyone looking to get their feet wet doing a little remodeling, demolition, and even tree pruning. If you’ve been getting by using a variety of prybars, hand saws, and chisels – the best way to take your DIY game to the next level is by getting your hands on a reciprocating saw!

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driving deck screw

Wood Screws vs. Deck Screws

Two of the most common screw types you’ll find in your local hardware store are wood screws and deck screws. If you’re working on a project that requires screws and you’re not sure which type to reach for, fear not – I’ll break down both of these screw types in detail.

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driving pocket hole screws

Is There an Alternative to Pocket Hole Screws?

Pocket hole screws aren’t cheap – especially those name-brand screws manufactured by Kreg. If you’re working on a project involving pocket holes, then you’ve probably had the thought “can you use regular screws inside pocket holes?”

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locking pliers

How to Use Locking Pliers (Vise Grips)

Perhaps the most useful tool in the DIYers arsenal, it’s hard to overstate the utility of a pair of humble vise grips. Whether it’s extracting broken fasteners, loosening stubborn nuts, bending and shaping metals, or even temporarily replacing a car’s manual window winder, a pair of locking pliers is an invaluable addition to any toolbox.

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kreg jig r3

How to Use a Kreg Jig R3: A Step-By-Step Guide

The Kreg jig R3 is without a doubt one of the most popular pocket hole jigs on the market and has been the starting point for many woodworking hobbyists. It might not sport all the bells and whistles of Kreg’s fancier models, but it contains everything you need to get started with pocket hole joinery.

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broken drill bit

How to Remove a Broken Drill Bit?

A broken drill bit is one of those things that you don’t plan for but is bound to happen given a long enough time using a drill. Whether you’re working with wood, metal, or masonry, drill bits have a tendency to break when you push them to the limit, leaving you with an unsightly metal protrusion that needs extracting.

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dewalt impact driver and wood chips

Can You Use an Impact Driver as a Drill?

Impact drivers are an incredibly useful tool when it comes to driving fasteners of all shapes and sizes, but they’re not exactly known for their drilling prowess. The question often comes up when you’re faced with a hole that needs drilling and only an impact driver within reach – can you use an impact driver as a drill?

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impact drill up close

When Not to Use an Impact Driver?

Impact drivers are one of the most useful tools to be developed in the past 100 years, but they aren’t perfect for every job. Sometimes a regular old drill/driver is the better choice, and other times you’re better off reaching for a handheld screwdriver – like when you need to complete delicate work.

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