how to use a hand saw

How to Use a Hand Saw?

Learning how to use a hand saw is one of those fundamental skills that every homeowner, DIYer, or woodworker should strive to perfect. While powered saws certainly have their place, if you’re working somewhere without access to power or your batteries are drained, then a good hand saw is your best option for the task at hand.

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How to Make Dado Joints with a Circular Saw?

While circular saws are typically relegated to the role of making quick cuts in lumber and trimming plywood sheeting down to size, there’s actually a lot more you can do with these versatile tools. Creating simple joints like dadoes is one of those woodworking tasks that is typically accomplished with a table saw or router – but can also be accomplished with a circular saw and a little patience.

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Best Adjustable Sawhorses: Adjust your Workspace Height in Seconds!

When it comes to useful items to have around the workshop, construction site, or DIY project, it’s tough to beat a good pair of adjustable sawhorses. These handy A-frame-shaped supports are useful for just about any cutting task, as well as for painting, or other detailed work. They also allow you to set up a makeshift table just about any time the need arises.

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half lap joints on 4x4 post

How to Make a Half Lap Joint? (3 Simple Methods)

A half lap joint may not be the prettiest joint in woodworking, but that doesn’t make it any less useful. These simple overlapping joints are extraordinarily strong in their ability to resist shearing forces, making them useful for all manner of interior and exterior applications.

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lag bolts in hand

How to Use Lag Bolts (Lag Screws)?

Lag bolts – sometimes called lag screws – are heavy-duty fasteners used to connect larger pieces of lumber. You can recognize them by their impressive size and their distinctive hex-shaped heads. Common sizes are 5/16-inch to 3/8-inch, which is massive when compared with other wood fasteners.

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