How Many Bags of Concrete are on a Pallet?

This question pops up often, especially in the context of undertaking a large concrete project where you need a large amount of bagged concrete mix. So – how many bags of concrete are on a pallet anyway?

The answer will depend on the weight of the concrete bag, as they come in different weights depending on whether it’s a standard concrete mix or a specialty product. For instance, Quikrete’s fast-setting mix typically comes in 50-pound bags, while the standard mix comes in 80-pound bags.

Bag Weight Bags per Pallet Price per pallet
40 lbs. 80 $2.75 x 80 = $220
50 lbs. 64 $3.30 x 64 = $211.20
60 lbs. 56 $3.60 x 56 = $201.60
80 lbs. 42 $4.90 x 42 = $205.80

This is a general outline of the number of bags per pallet, but the exact number will depend on the concrete brand and where you buy it.

The number of bags will also change based on the inventory the store has on hand, and how many they need to refill their existing inventory.

If you go to a hardware store like home depot, you’ll notice the concrete pallets are shrink-wrapped and they have a number marked on their exterior. This number indicates the number of concrete bags on the pallet, so you can easily add or subtract bags to get to the exact number of bags you need.

I’ll break down the answer to how many bags of concrete are on a pallet in more detail, as well as answer a few related questions you might have.

How many 80 lbs. Bags of Concrete are on a Pallet?

The standard number of 80 lbs. bags of concrete on a pallet is 42. This is true for both major concrete manufacturers – Quikrete and Sakrete.

quikrete 5000

80 lbs. bags are the typical size for most standard concrete mixes, so if you’re purchasing concrete in bulk, odds are you’re going to be working with 80 lbs. bags.

80 lbs. bags aren’t that light, as you can imagine, so if you’re working with them, it’s a good idea to plan how you’ll transport them to your work site, as well as how you’ll move them when it’s time to mix and apply the concrete.

How many 50 lbs. Bags of Concrete are on a Pallet?

Another common concrete bag size is 50 lbs. 50 lbs. bags typically come with 64 bags per pallet.

You’ll often find that 50 lbs. bags are used for specialty mixes like Quikrete’s fast setting mix or Sakrete’s fast setting concrete mix.

These concrete mixes are ideal for when you need to set a fence post in concrete or other jobs where you can’t afford to wait around for your concrete to dry.

How Many 60 lbs. Bags of Concrete are on a Pallet?

The typical number of 60 lbs. bags of concrete on a pallet is 56.

60-pound bags are somewhat less common than their 80- and 50-pound counterparts, but you still find them occasionally for some specialty concrete products. Quikrete offers its standard concrete mix, 5000 concrete mix, and its crack-resistant concrete mix in 60 lbs. bags.

How much does a Pallet of Concrete Weigh?

This question can pop up if you need to transport a pallet or two of concrete, and you’re not sure if your vehicle will be able to handle the weight. Calculating the pallet weight is as simple as multiplying the number of bags on the pallet by the weight per bag.

Bag Weight Bags per Pallet Total Weight
40 lbs. 80 3,200 lbs.
50 lbs. 64 3,200 lbs.
60 lbs. 56 3,360 lbs.
80 lbs. 42 3,360 lbs.

Also, keep in mind that a wood pallet weighs between 30 and 50 lbs. so add that in if you need a more precise number.

pallet of concrete bags
Pallet with number indicating the quantity of concrete bags. (56)

How much does a Pallet of Concrete Cost?

If you want to get an idea of the cost of a pallet of concrete, I’ve prepared the following chart to give you a good approximation. Of course, keep in mind that concrete prices will fluctuate over time, and costs will vary from one supplier to another.

You may also be able to get a discount when you purchase an entire pallet over individual bags. It doesn’t hurt to call around and see if you can find a cheaper price.

Type of Concrete Bag Cost Bags per pallet Total Cost
Quikrete Fast Setting – 50 lb. $6.50 64 $416.00
Quikrete Standard Mix – 80 lb. $4.90 42 $205.80
Quikrete 5000 High Strength – 50 lb. $4.55 64 $291.20
Quikrete Crack Resistant Mix – 50 lb. $5.42 64 $346.88

How Many Bags of Concrete Do I Need?

Figuring out how many bags of concrete you’ll need for a given project can be tricky – especially if you don’t have a lot of experience doing this type of estimate.

Luckily, Quikrete has a fantastic calculator exactly for this scenario. All you need to do is enter the size of your slab in square feet and the calculator will let you know how many bags you’ll need for your project.

If you want a rough estimate, an 80 lb. bag of standard concrete mix will cover 2.5 square feet to a standard depth of 3-inches. This might sound like a lot, but it’s actually not as much as you might think.

If you measure in cubic feet, then a single 80 lbs. bag of concrete will only cover half a cubic foot.

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