Milwaukee vs craftsman tools

Craftsman vs Milwaukee: How Do They Stack Up?

When it comes to quality tool brands, two of the most recognizable are Craftsman and Milwaukee. Whether you’re a DIYer who only picks up your tools on an occasional weekend, or a professional who uses your tools on a daily basis, choosing the right brand is key.

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dewalt sidewinder saw

Worm Drive vs Sidewinder Circular Saws

When it comes to circular saws you essentially have two different options – the compact and lightweight sidewinder or the powerful, heavy-duty worm drive. Both of these saws serve the same basic purpose, but you wouldn’t necessarily know that from looking at them.

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auger bit

What is an Auger Bit & How to Use One?

Auger bits are some of the oldest drill bits around, tracing their origins centuries back to the days of wooden shipbuilding. The modern auger bit hasn’t changed much since these early days – sharing the same basic design and use case – which is drilling deep holes into wood.

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craftsman wrenches

Husky vs Craftsman: How do they Stack Up?

Two of the most recognizable names in the tool market are Husky and Craftsman. Both brands are good examples of modestly priced tool manufacturers with strong reputations for quality and durability. While they’re similarly positioned in terms of pricing and market segment, there are a number of major differences in the lineups of Husky vs Craftsman.

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spade bit up close

How to Use a Spade Bit?

When you need to quickly punch holes through wood you’ll have a hard time beating the speed and convenience of a spade bit. These drill bits have been longtime favorites of electricians, plumbers, and other tradesmen for their ability to rapidly drill holes through wall studs – but they’re also useful for a variety of DIY purposes.

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