bondo body filler

How to use Bondo Body Filler on Wood?

Perhaps the most useful substance in the DIYers arsenal, Bondo can be used for everything from repairing rotted window sills to patching drywall to restoring old furniture.

The two-part resin was originally formulated for auto body repair – but its unique characteristics also make it ideal for repairing damaged wood.

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bags of quikrete

How Long Does it Take Quikrete to Dry?

Concrete is one of the toughest and most durable construction materials known to man. In fact, it was the invention of steel-reinforced concrete that led to the massive bridges and skyscrapers we take for granted today.

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half lap joints on 4x4 post

How to Make a Half Lap Joint? (3 Simple Methods)

A half lap joint may not be the prettiest joint in woodworking, but that doesn’t make it any less useful. These simple overlapping joints are extraordinarily strong in their ability to resist shearing forces, making them useful for all manner of interior and exterior applications.

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lag bolts in hand

How to Use Lag Bolts (Lag Screws)?

Lag bolts – sometimes called lag screws – are heavy-duty fasteners used to connect larger pieces of lumber. You can recognize them by their impressive size and their distinctive hex-shaped heads. Common sizes are 5/16-inch to 3/8-inch, which is massive when compared with other wood fasteners.

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removing broken fence posts set in concrete

How to Remove Broken Fence Posts Set in Concrete?

How do you remove broken fence posts set in concrete anyway?

Pulling a broken fence post out of concrete is kind of like pulling a tooth – it’s difficult, painful, and requires some serious effort to get it right. If your fence post is broken near ground level, then you won’t be able to mount another piece of wood to the post to use as leverage.

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