old caulk and razor scraper

How to Remove Old Caulk?

While it might not be the most exciting job in the DIY catalog, removing old caulk is a necessary task if you’re going to apply new caulk to a bathtub, sink, or shower. Once caulk starts to crack and degrade, it’s time to remove it completely and replace it with a fresh bead of new caulking.

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gate latch installed

How to Install a Gate Latch?

A good gate latch is the key to a functional and long-lasting gate. If you’ve ever had to deal with a sticky, rusted, or poorly fitted latch – then you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

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gate hinges installed

How to Install Gate Hinges: A Step-by-Step Guide

It doesn’t matter how sturdy your gate is if you’ve got the wrong hinges – or don’t install them correctly. Installing your gate hinges properly can mean the difference between a flawless gate that will last for decades and one that begins to sag and fail in short order.

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