cedar planter boxes assembled

How to make Cedar Planter Boxes?

Cedar planter boxes are not only great for adding some greenery to just about any outdoor space, but they also look great when done correctly. Cedar is a fantastic wood to use for this, as it looks great, is naturally weather resistant, and even smells great!

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cutting down a dead tree

How to Cut Down a Dead Tree?

Cutting down trees, especially dead ones, presents a challenging task for most DIYers. If you’re looking up how to safely cut down a dead tree, then odds are you’re looking to fell something a little larger than a leggy sapling that’s getting too tall.

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leaning fence

How to Fix a Leaning Fence Post?

A leaning fence post is a common problem that just about every fence owner will encounter given enough time. It doesn’t really matter how well the fence was installed initially – as weather, wood rot, and gravity have a way of causing fences to sag.

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clearing land

How to Clear Land of Small Trees and Brush?

Clearing a piece of land of small trees and brush is often necessary before you can undertake any number of landscaping or building projects. Whatever you have in mind for the plot of land, be it installing a patio, a firepit, or constructing a shed, you’ll need to clear away any thorny brush, old logs, small trees, and stumps.

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