hammering in tight spaces

How to Hammer in Tight Spaces?

If you’re working on a project and find yourself with nails that you need to hammer in tight spaces, don’t worry, this happens more often than you might think. The situation can arrive when you’re installing trim in tight spot, working on anything located between two studs, or trying to drive nails in a tight corner.

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concrete for fence posts

Best Concrete Mix for Fence Posts?

If you’re installing some fence posts in concrete, then one of the first questions that typically pops up is “What is the best concrete mix for fence posts?” This is a good question, as there are many options when it comes to concrete mixes, so nailing it down to a single best one can be a little tricky.

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refinishing outdoor wood furniture

How to Refinish Outdoor Wood Furniture?

If you’ve left your wood furniture outdoors over the winter, it can get pretty weathered and beat down. If you want to restore your outdoor wood furniture to its former glory, then you’ll need to refinish it by cleaning, sanding, and treating it with some sort of weather-resistant coating.

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cedar planter boxes assembled

How to make Cedar Planter Boxes?

Cedar planter boxes are not only great for adding some greenery to just about any outdoor space, but they also look great when done correctly. Cedar is a fantastic wood to use for this, as it looks great, is naturally weather resistant, and even smells great!

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cutting down a dead tree

How to Cut Down a Dead Tree?

Cutting down trees, especially dead ones, presents a challenging task for most DIYers. If you’re looking up how to safely cut down a dead tree, then odds are you’re looking to fell something a little larger than a leggy sapling that’s getting too tall.

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tung oil

Is Tung Oil Food Safe?

Tung oil is one of the most commonly used natural wood finishes among woodworkers, but the question often comes up “Is Tung oil food safe?” If you’re working on kitchen countertops, cutting boards, or other items that come into contact with food, then you’ll want to be sure your wood finish isn’t toxic.

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how to apply tung oil

How to Apply Tung Oil?

Tung oil is a favorite of woodworkers, DIYers, and anyone looking for a drying oil that’s both natural and leaves a gorgeous finish. This stuff has been around for centuries and has been used extensively in China as a preservative for wood ships and other exterior wood applications.

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