digging fence post hole in rocky rooty ground

How to Dig Fence Post Holes in Rocky Ground?

Learning to dig fence post holes in soft, sandy ground is hard enough – but doing it in rocky and rooty ground makes it much tougher. Rocks and roots present obstacles that will typically require hand digging to get around, so when digging with an auger, you’ll often need to bust out the shovel or digging bar to get the job done.

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what happens if you drill into a live wire

What Happens if You Drill into a Live Wire?

If you need to drill a hole in the drywall and don’t have a stud finder handy, then the thought of “what happens if you drill into a live wire”? probably crossed your mind. Visions of sparks flying and destroyed electrical cables are probably giving you pause, so it helps to be prepared for all possibilities.

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ancient roman walls

Is Old Concrete Stronger Than New Concrete?

Modern concrete differs from ancient Roman concrete in a number of ways, which is why old concrete is actually stronger than new concrete. If you look at some of the more iconic Roman structures still standing today like the Colosseum, you’ll note that they’re still standing thousands of years later despite being made from concrete.

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gypcrete flooring

What is Gypcrete?

If you’re looking into flooring options, then you’ve probably stumbled across gypsum concrete – otherwise known as Gypcrete. Gypcrete is an increasingly popular option for flooring underlayment in new construction as it hits many of the requirements that residential and commercial property owners are looking for.

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gypcrete vs concrete

Gypcrete vs Concrete: Which is Best for You?

When it comes to flooring materials both gypcrete and concrete have their respective roles, with most people being far more familiar with concrete vs gypcrete. Gypcrete, although it has a similar sounding name to concrete, is actually a flooring underlayment used for its self-leveling, sound-reduction, and radiant heating abilities.

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is kobalt a good tool brand

Is Kobalt a Good Tool Brand?

This debate pops up all the time in online forums and among DIYers, and due to Kobalt’s low prices is not all that surprising. Whether or not Kobalt is actually a good tool brand is the subject of some debate, so let’s take a closer look at this tool brand.

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