wood filler and wood glue

How Long Does it Take Wood Putty & Filler to Dry?

When it comes to covering up unsightly blemishes in wood, both wood putty and wood filler can be extraordinarily useful tools to have in your arsenal. While they’re sometimes confused with one another, there are several distinct differences between the two – both in terms of dry times and application.

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how to use a hand saw

How to Use a Hand Saw?

Learning how to use a hand saw is one of those fundamental skills that every homeowner, DIYer, or woodworker should strive to perfect. While powered saws certainly have their place, if you’re working somewhere without access to power or your batteries are drained, then a good hand saw is your best option for the task at hand.

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lake weeds

Lake Weed Removal: How to Remove Lake and Pond Weeds?

Few things are more frustrating than jumping into a seemingly refreshing lake and coming out tangled in weeds, lily pads, and rotting vegetation. This same issue can arise when you try to boat or fish in weedy waters, as your propeller and fishing line will become entangled no matter how careful you are.

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dewalt dcv517b vacuum

DeWalt 20V Max Wet/Dry Vacuum (DCV517B): Hands-on Review

If you’re the type of person who’s constantly reaching for that bulky 16 gallon wet/dry vac to clean up your messes and wishing you had something a little more convenient – the DeWalt DCV517B portable vacuum is just the thing for you. It’s the perfect size for cleaning up dirt and debris around the garage, workshop, car, or house.

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clearing land

How to Clear Land of Small Trees and Brush?

Clearing a piece of land of small trees and brush is often necessary before you can undertake any number of landscaping or building projects. Whatever you have in mind for the plot of land, be it installing a patio, a firepit, or constructing a shed, you’ll need to clear away any thorny brush, old logs, small trees, and stumps.

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firewood rack outside house

How to Build a Firewood Rack (DIY Firewood Holder)?

If you’ve got a wood-burning stove or fireplace, then you’ll need somewhere to stack your firewood and keep it away from moisture, pests, and other hazards. Learning how to build a firewood rack is the perfect solution for storing large quantities of firewood – and will allow you to stock up on firewood for the entire winter!

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dewalt 20v 12 inch chainsaw

DeWalt 12-inch 20v Chainsaw (DCCS620P1) Review

When it comes to battery-powered chainsaws, you usually end up trading performance and power for the convenience of power on demand. With the 12-inch DCCS620P1 chainsaw, DeWalt has done a phenomenal job eliminating this trade-off – as the saw offers excellent performance in a lightweight and compact package.

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basin wrench

How to Use a Basin Wrench?

One of the most useful tools in any plumber’s toolbox is without a doubt the basin wrench. This humble tool is specifically designed for removing or installing the difficult-to-access mounting nuts located directly under the faucet of your sink.

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P-trap replacement

P-Trap Replacement: How to Replace a P-Trap?

Unless you’re a licensed plumber, you probably haven’t spent a lot of time crouched under your sink tinkering with drain pipes. But occasionally one of these pipes starts leaking or gets clogged, and learning how to perform a p trap replacement can save you a costly visit from the local plumbing company!

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bathroom faucet and sink

How to Remove an Old Bathroom Faucet?

There are few things you can do to spruce up the look of your bathroom with a better bang for your buck than removing and replacing an old bathroom faucet. Say goodbye to that outdated leaky faucet from the 1980s, and say hello to a sleek modern faucet that will take your décor game to the next level.

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