annealed brass shell casings

Annealing Brass: A Complete How-to Guide

Annealing brass is an increasingly popular process amongst shooting aficionados, as it allows you to reload and reuse your old cartridges multiple times. The term brass annealing refers to the softening and revitalization of brass through the use of heat to refresh its structure back to its original state.

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best air hammers

Best Air Hammers: Cut Through Stubborn Materials Like Butter!

Air hammers – also called pneumatic hammers – are highly versatile tools that operate as the jack of all trades in the automotive, metalworking, and construction fields. They give you an incredible amount of optionality when it comes to freeing frozen nuts, removing welds, splitting stuck joints, or any task that requires grinding or chipping away at stubborn materials.

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how to fix water damaged wood

How to Fix Water Damaged Wood?

Wood by its nature is porous and tends to absorb water when there is significant contact time between the two. This is especially problematic for untreated wood, or wood with damage to its finish – which will allow water to enter undeterred. At this point, you’ll need to assess the extent of the damage, and decide whether to fix the water damaged wood – or simply replace it.

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best auto hammers

Best Auto Hammers: Hammer in Tight Spaces with Ease!

When it comes to difficult hammering in tight, dimly lit places, the auto hammer is king. While perhaps not the most widely known power tool, auto hammers nonetheless excel when it comes to difficult hammering tasks where a framing hammer would be too bulky to use.

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dewalt drill

DeWalt vs Metabo HPT: Which Brand is Best for You?

When it comes to tool brands, there are many options out there – which is why narrowing it down to just one can be tricky. Comparing DeWalt vs Metabo HPT is tough as both are highly regarded tool brands, with DeWalt being the better-known among North American consumers.

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what size screw to use for 2x4

What Size Screw to Use For a 2×4?

When it comes to the ideal size screw to use for a 2×4, there’s a lot to consider. 2x4s – like any other lumber type – can be attached in several different ways such as face-to-face, toenailing, or attaching to end grain.

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How to Drill into a Stud? A Step-by-Step Guide

Learning how to drill into a stud is one of those basic DIY skills that you’ll need to master to complete any sort of heavy-duty mounting task. It’s not as complex as it might look at first, in fact, with a little practice you’ll have it figured out in no time.

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