how to apply tung oil

How to Apply Tung Oil?

Tung oil is a favorite of woodworkers, DIYers, and anyone looking for a drying oil that’s both natural and leaves a gorgeous finish. This stuff has been around for centuries and has been used extensively in China as a preservative for wood ships and other exterior wood applications.

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door hinge pin

How to Remove a Door Hinge Pin?

While it might seem like a simple enough job, removing a door’s hinge pin can get tricky – especially if you’re dealing with an old hinge that’s had the chance to corrode over time. These hinge pins can still be removed, they just require a little more effort and elbow grease than a new hinge pin would require.

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door reinforcement lock

How to Install a Door Reinforcement Lock?

A door reinforcement lock is a low-profile lock that might look like much – but can provide an impressive level of extra security to your doorway. These locks use a fairly straightforward design, with a bracket that flips down into a locked position – acting as a physical barricade to anyone trying to force their way inside.

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french doors

How to Secure French Doors? Beef up Your Doorway Security

French doors – sometimes called double doors – are without a doubt one of the best-looking looking door options out there. While they can instantly transform a boring doorway into a bright inviting gateway to the outdoors, they come with their own set of downsides– with security being on the top of the list

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magnetic knife holder with knives

How to Mount a Magnetic Knife Holder?

A magnetic knife holder can be a serious gamechanger in just about any kitchen. Instead of storing your prized kitchen knives in a big old wood block, a magnetic knife holder allows you to display them in a sleek and utilitarian style.

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toilet paper holder

How to Install a Toilet Paper Holder?

If you recently moved into a new home or apartment, there is a decent chance your bathroom(s) didn’t come preinstalled with toilet paper holders. Not to worry – this job is not all that difficult – in fact, anyone with a few basic tools can get it done in just 20 minutes or so.

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