wood filler and wood glue

How Long Does it Take Wood Putty & Filler to Dry?

When it comes to covering up unsightly blemishes in wood, both wood putty and wood filler can be extraordinarily useful tools to have in your arsenal. While they’re sometimes confused with one another, there are several distinct differences between the two – both in terms of dry times and application.

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basin wrench

How to Use a Basin Wrench?

One of the most useful tools in any plumber’s toolbox is without a doubt the basin wrench. This humble tool is specifically designed for removing or installing the difficult-to-access mounting nuts located directly under the faucet of your sink.

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P-trap replacement

P-Trap Replacement: How to Replace a P-Trap?

Unless you’re a licensed plumber, you probably haven’t spent a lot of time crouched under your sink tinkering with drain pipes. But occasionally one of these pipes starts leaking or gets clogged, and learning how to perform a p trap replacement can save you a costly visit from the local plumbing company!

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bathroom faucet and sink

How to Remove an Old Bathroom Faucet?

There are few things you can do to spruce up the look of your bathroom with a better bang for your buck than removing and replacing an old bathroom faucet. Say goodbye to that outdated leaky faucet from the 1980s, and say hello to a sleek modern faucet that will take your décor game to the next level.

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DIY hanging plant shelf

How to make a DIY hanging plant shelf?

Installing a DIY hanging plant shelf is one of the best ways to take your houseplant game to the next level. These shelves are not only eye-catching and space-saving – but they’re also a lot of fun to make.

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ants in the kitchen

How to Get Rid of Ants in the Kitchen

While ants are harmless enough out in Mother Nature, when you’ve got them in your kitchen, the situation becomes a lot more pressing. These pesky little critters can get into just about anything, are not easy to eradicate, and can turn a tranquil kitchen into a warzone!

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tankless water heater

Are Tankless Water Heaters Worth It?

Tankless water heaters are all the rage these days – and for good reason. They’re energy-efficient, will never run out of hot water, provide instant heating on demand, and will outlast a traditional tank heater by as much as a decade.

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