gypcrete flooring

What is Gypcrete?

If you’re looking into flooring options, then you’ve probably stumbled across gypsum concrete – otherwise known as Gypcrete. Gypcrete is an increasingly popular option for flooring underlayment in new construction as it hits many of the requirements that residential and commercial property owners are looking for.

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gypcrete vs concrete

Gypcrete vs Concrete: Which is Best for You?

When it comes to flooring materials both gypcrete and concrete have their respective roles, with most people being far more familiar with concrete vs gypcrete. Gypcrete, although it has a similar sounding name to concrete, is actually a flooring underlayment used for its self-leveling, sound-reduction, and radiant heating abilities.

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melamine board

What is Melamine Board?

Melamine board is a manufactured wood product made from melamine resin applied to some type of wood board. The wood board can be particleboard, MDF, plywood, or even solid wood in some cases.

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melamine vs MDF

Melamine vs MDF

Melamine and MDF are two of the most popular engineered wood products used in woodworking. Both are popular for use in building kitchen cabinets and shelving and are highly popular in modern kitchen construction.

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melamine vs plywood

Plywood vs. Melamine: Which is the Better Material?

Whether it’s building cabinets, shelving, or other kitchen surfaces, plywood vs melamine are two materials you’ll need to be familiar with. Whereas solid wood was once the standard for cabinets, nowadays the trend is moving towards plywood, melamine, and MDF cabinets.

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pine vs birch plywood

Pine vs. Birch Plywood

Plywood comes in a huge array of different types and grades, so choosing a type for your specific project can get confusing. Pine and birch are two common materials used to manufacture plywood, and due to the differing properties of the wood, they generally have different uses.

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bcx plywood

What is BCX Plywood?

Plywood grading can be tricky to understand, and if you’re not a contractor you probably find the different grades as easy to understand as Egyptian hieroglyphics. Not to worry though, I’ll break this down in a way that anyone can understand, so you’ll have a solid understanding of BCX plywood and how plywood grading works.

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