leaning fence

How to Fix a Leaning Fence Post?

A leaning fence post is a common problem that just about every fence owner will encounter given enough time. It doesn’t really matter how well the fence was installed initially – as weather, wood rot, and gravity have a way of causing fences to sag.

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cutting a 4x4 with a circular saw

How to Cut a 4×4 with a Circular Saw?

Cutting a 4×4 post is one of those tasks that seems easy, but unless you have the right tools is actually tricky to get right. Standard circular saws with 7 ¼” blades can only cut 2 ½” deep, so making the cut in a single pass isn’t possible.

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roll of flex tape

How Long does Flex Tape Last?

If you’re familiar with the powerful adhesive tape known for its ability to seal leaking pipes, damaged roofs, and even boats sawed in half – then you might be wondering “how long does flex tape last?”

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caulking gun with tube on the ground

How to Load (and Unload) a Caulking Gun?

If you’ve just picked up a caulking gun and are wondering “how do I load this thing anyway?” – don’t worry – you’re not alone. While caulking guns have been around forever and fairly simple tools, loading and unloading them requires a bit of know-how.

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electric power lines

Can Electricity Travel Through Wood?

If you’ve ever seen a tree split in half after it’s been struck by lightning, you might have wondered “can electricity travel through wood?” Or stated more technically – does wood conduct electricity?

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